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Proxsys Rx Executive Leadership Chooses Catavolt for Superior Mobile Application Security Architecture

Unique and patented security architecture provides superior risk mitigation when compared to other competing mobile application development, deployment and management approaches

ALPHARETTA, GA. – MAY 13, 2015 – Catavolt, Inc. today announced that Proxsys Rx, the nation’s largest Integrated Outpatient Pharmacy Provider (IOPP™), has selected the Catavolt enterprise application mobility platform to securely mobilize outpatient caregivers and better serve bedside patients.

Proxsys Rx’s primary concern when mobilizing outpatient caregivers was providing the best possible bedside patient care. As they started to develop their patient care strategy, they realized that they needed the sensitive healthcare data readily accessible at bedside—but they also need that data to be secure and protected. Security, often a concern for technology departments, was given board and executive-level attention at Proxsys Rx.

“Catavolt’s security features were central to our decision to work with them on mobile-enabling bedside caregivers,” said Jerry Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Proxsys Rx. “Their platform uniquely minimizes the exposure of mobile applications and data to security threats, and provides a higher level of peace of mind to the board and our executive leadership.”

Catavolt’s security architecture was selected by Proxsys Rx leadership because of two key factors: Catavolt’s platform creates apps that can access and utilize their internal applications and data without exposing their internal applications or data to the general Internet. Secondly, IT has real-time control of all secured application and data assets to respond to any critical issues immediately and without costly or inefficient redeployments. With a two-pronged approach that greatly minimizes risk and enables the quickest IT response possible, the board’s stringent data security requirements were met.

“Mobile application and data security are ‘checked boxes’ for many organizations,” said Catavolt Chief Executive Officer George Mashini. “Proxsys Rx’s top-down approach to promoting sound mobile application and data security demonstrates their leadership’s commitment to providing highly secure, integrated services for their employees, partners, customers and patients.”

For more information, download Catavolt’s Network Architecture and Security white paper.

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