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Creating Your First Mobile App with Catavolt

The more complex or seemingly “impossible” the challenge, the more likely Catavolt can help.

  1. Identify a meaningful business challenge or need that could be addressed with a mobile application. Many business challenges tend to be the “little things” that add up to daily frustration and loss of productivity for business users or management. Generic examples include a lack of management visibility into processes, cumbersome collaboration through email or spreadsheets, or automation of approval processes.

  2. Get the people that are close to the data together with the business users that need the data. Traditional software developers don’t create apps in Catavolt. Business analysts, database and IT administrators without software development knowledge can use our cloud interface to create apps without any programming.

  3. Put Catavolt security to the test. We say we are the most secure approach to enterprise mobility today because we can back it up. Our patented architecture is built to fully encrypt all communications, and we never store your data in the cloud or on the mobile device. Put us in touch with your security experts to ensure that we can fit in with your needs, no matter how sensitive.

  4. Mobile enable your back end with Catavolt’s API gateway. Catavolt’s API gateway connects and integrates all of your back end data sources. After we pass the security test, this small software server is what streams your encrypted data to mobile devices securely.

  5. Let Catavolt build your first app. At Catavolt, we live and breathe making mobile apps on our platform every day. Let us take on the task of delivering your initial mobile app in days. Use this first app to demonstrate the agility, capability and power of our platform, and then begin to plan on how to use the Catavolt to power all of your mobile apps.

When you think about developing a mobile app, think different: Think Catavolt.

Developing mobile applications with Catavolt is unlike any traditional application development project you might have led or been involved with in the past. Catavolt requires very little development and maintenance effort from IT. Typically Catavolt apps are created by business analysts. It only takes three to four weeks from project kickoff to fully integrated and functioning mobile app delivery with Catavolt.

The biggest question to answer is: What’s the business problem, need or use case you need to solve? Do you need access to a 20 year old homegrown database, want to combine views into multiple back end systems, or even integrate web served SaaS systems?

Catavolt can create new apps to do it all in weeks.