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Accelerate Industrial Manufacturing Operational Excellence with Real-Time Data

Maintaining Efficient Production Processes in Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing organizations are challenged by maintaining uptime of their machines on the shop floor, cohesive and efficient production, and meeting quality assurance standards in a global market. In order for manufacturing teams to keep their production and supply in sync with demand, industrial manufacturers need real-time data to get the job done.

Without access to real-time data, industrial manufacturing teams are challenged with improving shop floor processes, meeting supply and demand, and maintaining quality control. Without reliable methods of data collection due to paper form usage and human error, operations, shop floor, and shipment teams cannot gather the accurate information they need to meet market needs on a global level.

Addressing Operational Challenges with Real-Time Data

Driving operational excellence is an essential process for industrial manufacturing organizations. With access to real-time data, teams can provide visibility into processes and drive the bottom line, and maintain production plans, maintain the quality of their machinery, and monitor raw material inventory levels.

Deliver Real-Time Data with Mobility

Mobility gives industrial manufacturing organizations and their teams the ability to access the real-time data they need to meet demand in a competitive market. According to a recent report, 80% of manufacturers believe that access to real-time data could add at least 6% productivity to their manufacturing organization (Catavolt, 2015).

With real-time data, industrial manufacturers can view quality assurance process information for their machines and equipment, and easily view and edit the quality and efficiency of shop floor machinery data with the tap of an app.

With mobility, industrial manufacturing organizations can easily collaborate together, manage schedules, manage machine and process defects, track material inventory, and easily review regulations and compliance standards. Mobile apps give industrial manufacturing teams the ability to place and track orders from their tablets and smart phones, review KPI dashboards, and monitor defects and errors in one place, all while
replacing manual, paper-based processes. 

Industrial Manufacturing Supply and Demand Challenges

Industrial manufacturing organizations are challenged with maintaining the quality of their shop floor machinery, and keeping their team efficiency up to meet market demand. These teams need machinery and tools that keep production running, products and goods consistent, and supply levels accurate.

With access to real-time data on mobile apps, shop floor and operations teams can easily communicate with each other in one place, manage raw material orders based on supply and demand levels, and complete quality control assessments of machines and tools with the tap of an app.

Accelerate Industrial Production with Real-Time Collaboration

Mobility for industrial manufacturing organizations gives teams the ability to access the information they need to streamline shop floor processes. With mobility, operations can work with their teams around the globe and on the shop floor, no longer needing to rely on paper-based processes or being confined to their desk.

Give IT the Ability to Maintain Uptime with Mobility

Mobility gives IT professionals the ability to easily review and process quality and compliance reports on machinery, and KPI and sales dashboards to monitor market demand. By implementing impactful mobile apps with an easy-to-use interface, industrial manufacturing organizations can confidently produce high quality, consistent products and goods, and drive faster, more rapid decision making.