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Improve Chemical Manufacturing Accuracy and Compliance with Mobile Apps

Have Accurate Chemical Inventory Tracking on Your Mobile Device

Chemical manufacturing organizations are challenged with completing complex and demanding processes that require dangerous materials, and must meet regulations to ensure safety and efficiency. In order to accurately maintain raw material levels, chemical information, and maintenance and compliance reports, these teams need access to real-time data. Enterprise mobility gives manufacturing teams access to data on chemical inventory, order tracking, and shipping in real-time. For example, if a worker needs the latest inventory information or material data for a chemical compound, they can scan the RFID code on the bottle and have data available on their mobile device in real-time. 

Track Orders and Materials in Real-Time on Mobile Devices

Enterprise mobility provides your chemical manufacturing teams with visibility into shipment schedules and up-to-the minute order tracking needed to efficiently produce goods across multiple industries.

Deliver Real-Time Data with Mobility

Mobility gives chemical manufacturing organizations and their teams the ability to access customer orders and invoices in real-time, contributing to greater accuracy and efficiency in the organization. 80% of manufacturers believe that access to real-time data could add at least 6% productivity to their manufacturing organization (Catavolt, 2015). With real-time data, teams can access information necessary to track chemicals used in manufactured goods in a variety of industries. Operations and response teams can maintain chemical inventories, track shipments to multiple companies, and easily update material data for the team to view. With mobility, chemical manufacturing organizations can manage schedules, address maintenance and compliance issues, monitor production changes, and manage raw materials.