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Rapid Mobile App Development for Construction Operations

Turn an idea into an app that generates business value in 60 days or less at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches

Catavolt’s rapid mobile app development platform creates apps that are fast and personalized for users, secure and manageable for IT, and create meaningful outcomes for the business. Our platform generates real, positive business impact while demonstrating mobility value throughout your organization.

The Challenge: Out-Mobilize the Competition

Mobile workers in construction operations need data at their fingertips that they traditionally accessed at their desk to view project reports, process work orders, or to make decisions. Catavolt's enterprise application mobility platform can connect to any back end systems easily, and helps improve IT's responsiveness to business and project needs, while keeping data secure behind the company's firewall.

With Catavolt's enterprise application mobility platform, project managers and executives can actively manage all processes, employees, and information involved in their construction projects. Our platform allows you to increase speed and accuracy of project execution, delivering an engaging and widely accepted user experience, providing a key ingredient to improving supply and demand chain efficiency, and overall workflow.

Mobile apps built with Catavolt can be used to modernize and improve your construction operation's processes iteratively, providing a key ingredient to improving the client experience, optimizing labor and materials costs and overall company performance. For the convenience of IT departments and users alike, all apps built with Catavolt's platform work on any Apple or Android tablet or smartphone and deliver a fast, personalized, easy-to-use experience.

Mobile apps optimize operations and workflow

By investing in mobile apps made with Catavolt's platform, your construction operations team benefits from increased efficiency, supply/demand change responsiveness, and better communication. With apps powered by Catavolt, those in operations can make decisions about increasing sales and controlling labor costs from anywhere. Now, KPIs and sales and revenue can be monitored in real-time.

Quick Facts About Catavolt for Construction Operations

Examples of apps our customers have created:

  • Regulatory and safety requirements
  • Project reports and drawings
  • Tracking equipment and inventory
  • Labor Management, HR and approvals
  • Flow data for supply/demand changes
  • Track sales and revenue goals
  • Audits and stock checks
  • Secure collaboration

Catavolt: The enterprise application mobility platform that works with all enterprise systems and mobile devices

With Catavolt, construction firms benefit from instant access of information by quickly creating fast mobile apps that differentiate themselves from the competition and increase efficiency and project workflow.