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Professional Services Overview

Catavolt is committed to helping our customers every step of the way in their operational excellence journey. Our team can help our customers utilize the Catavolt enterprise application mobility platform to modernize and mobilize enterprise systems and business processes. As the needs of our customers are diverse and often unique, we have created Catavolt’s Digital Enterprise Program, a set of optional services to help enterprises accelerate their path toward full worker mobile and digital business proficiency and a paperless work environment. The Catavolt Digital Enterprise Program comprises of the following professional services offerings:

Business Process Discovery & Automation

Before embarking on any mobile project, Catavolt can help you analyze current business processes and the technology that supports them to identify opportunities where digitization of that business process would add significant value. Our methodology is simple: We help identify small improvements that can deliver significant value with a sensible investment. Common examples include automating paper-based processes, and modernizing error-prone processes that require manual collaboration through cumbersome methods such as email or spreadsheets.

Back-End Data Integration

Once a business process has been identified as a candidate for digitization, Catavolt can help your enterprise analyze and integrate back-end technologies that serve this business process. Common examples of integration points include databases as well as ERP, CRM and WMS systems. One of the primary advantages of Catavolt’s platform is that this process is incredibly simple and consumes very little time and resources. Catavolt professional service team members can connect to any system, whether it be home grown and proprietary, or an out-of-the-box system from another vendor. Catavolt’s team has never encountered an enterprise system that it could not connect to or integrate with.

App Development and Deployment

One of the primary advantages of Catavolt’s platform is that it makes it extremely easy to create apps. So simple, in fact, that traditional programming skills are unnecessary. Business analysts are the primary app creators with Catavolt’s platform, rather than programmers. However, Catavolt always strives to provide our customers with the maximum support necessary in order to accelerate the process of delivering value and success with that first critical app. Our experienced enterprise app creation professionals can provide any level of assistance required, from complete app creation to guided app creation training for business analysts. Regardless of the level of support, Catavolt guarantees customer satisfaction with every single app we create for our customers.

Development Team Acceleration

Have experienced developers already or a team of developers that are looking to do more with less? Catavolt can provide software development team with the training and tools necessary to dramatically accelerate the production of mobile apps for workers in your organization. The typical timeframe for creation of a Catavolt app from concept to delivery is approximately two to three weeks, rather than traditional coding projects which generally take at least six months of coding, testing and deployment. Catavolt’s Development Team Acceleration services help your development team deliver more apps to more people in your organization, more quickly.

Digital Workforce Training

The vast majority of mobile apps created using Catavolt require little to no training, as they are native apps that utilize user interface and experience features of the device’s host operating system. Occasionally, however, our customers will create more sophisticated apps, or need to deploy apps to large user populations with more standardized procedures for disseminating training information. Catavolt has extensive experience with large-scale app deployments to thousands of workers, and offers optional in-person or virtual training for any population of app users.


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